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Why do large corporations and employers urgently need to organize a vaccination program?

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 or what’s commonly known as, Coronavirus, the world has been waiting for a cure, a vaccine or some preventive measure that can marginally bring things back to normal. The new normal would be nothing like what we lived and were accustomed to before February 2020; nonetheless, the hope sustains that it would be better than what it has been this past year. The long wait for the vaccine is finally over!

Many pharmaceutical companies have succeeded in creating the much-awaited vaccine, which is now available for use.

The other pandemic that ran parallel with coronavirus was a major decline in world economy—loss of innumerable jobs and a general lack of trust and contentment in employees. The economic imbalance looms over the world as another major cause of concern. In light of this, what can employers and large corporations do to win back the trust of their employees and ensure their safety?

Organize a company-wide vaccination drive! Voila!

Companies should begin with disseminating trustworthy information regarding the pros and cons of taking the doses of a vaccine. With proper information from a trusted source, they can help make their employees properly informed about the vaccination process and make their apprehensions go away. Correct information may help the employees feel confident not only with the vaccine but also with the process of vaccination. Once they feel confident having taken the vaccine, they will encourage their families too and promote the vaccination drive.

There is only one way forward through this and that goes through the gate of the Covid-19 vaccination.

What steps can be taken to encourage employees to participate in the vaccination drive and encourage vaccination:

  1. Encourage your leaders to get vaccinated first and lead by example. These leaders should reflect the diversity of the workforce. Invite them to share with staff their personal reasons for getting vaccinated and remind staff why it’s important to be vaccinated.

  2. Communicate transparently to all workers about vaccination.

  3. Create a strategy of vaccination. Share key benefits with all the employees with the help of break room posters, emails, and other channels. Make these posters fun and interactive to evade the fear attached to these. Emphasise the benefits of protecting themselves, their families, co-workers, and community.

  4. Provide regular updates on topics like the benefits, safety, side effects and effectiveness of vaccination; clearly communicate what is not known.

  5. Make vaccination a celebration and encourage everyone to participate! Provide stickers for workers to wear after vaccination and encourage them to post selfies on social media.

How can the employees incentivize and encourage the employers to take the vaccine?

  1. Offer recuperation paid sick leaves after vaccination to help employees feel better and cared for.

  2. Get the ones who are already on board vaccinated first. Lead by their example and encourage the ones who are still on the fence. Upon watching their colleagues get vaccinated they will feel confident too.

  3. Hold seminars by authority figures who have taken the vaccine to encourage the juniors.

Vaccination is the only route to get our life back. Claim your life and safety back by encouraging people to take the Covid-19 Vaccine.

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