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Recent Vaccination Sites

At MobileVAX, we have first-hand experience in providing onsite vaccination services for a multitude of populations. Since our inception, we have been successfully executing small and large-scale vaccinations whilst continuously maintaining all safety protocols. Our diverse executive team brings top-level local and international experience within their field as well as speak a total of five languages.

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Mass Vaccination Site

~ 1000 Vaccinations/ Day

Our agile system allows us to efficiently adjust and implement a staffing solution within a short period. Recently, we serviced a mass vaccination event at Amundsen Park in the Austin neighborhood. We successfully vaccinated a combined total of 1,700 people in 2 days, with 964 of those being vaccinated on one of the days. The vaccination took place inside a gymnasium following setup and workflow requirements as set out by CEO of MobileVAX, Dr. Singh.

Large Vaccination Site

~ 500 Vaccinations/ Day

Our mobile infrastructure enables us to accommodate up to 500 vaccinations in a day. These sites are specifically hosted by larger organizations such as manufacturing plants or large businesses. We successfully vaccinated 464 members of Stadium Operations staff for the Chicago White Sox, who have met Phase Criteria, in a mobile vaccination site at Guaranteed Rate Field, a baseball park located in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois.

Intermediate Size Vaccination Site

~ 200 Vaccinations/ Day

We also have capabilities to accommodate the volume at corporate sites, community-led efforts, schools and houses of worship. We vaccinated 301 members of the Titan Security Staff, who have met Phase Criteria, in a makeshift vaccination site at the Presidential Towers in the south loop.

Small Vaccination Site

~ 150 Vaccinations/ Day

We have demonstrated operational capacity to vaccinate senior members over 65 years old with comorbid conditions who have met Phase Criteria, in a mobile fashion at various buildings in the near North and Southwest neighborhoods of Chicago. Our healthcare staff vaccinated a total of 179 individuals in 2 days at one particular apartment, with 104 vaccinations taking place on one of the days.

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