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Get the latest COVID-19 updates, medical guidelines, and healthcare information from across the world.

Vaccination Site Set Up Models

With various set-up models available, we work with you to determine your needs and the number of vaccinations required and bring you the most suitable option.

Have you vaccinated your employees yet?

If your business operates in the Chicago area and your employees haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19, MobileVAX can work with you to host end-to-end, on-site vaccination drives for your workforce at your place of business. The drive looks after the entire vaccination process from beginning to end. That includes pre-vaccination medical opinion, inoculation as per the CDC protocols, the administration of the vaccine as well as post-vaccination observation by doctors. MobileVAX’s Employee Vaccination Program enables you to strengthen your commitment to employees by placing emphasis on their safety and security, making them feel valued, resulting in a happier and more engaged workplace.

Our Partners


MobileVAX is pleased to work with partners ​who are driving

the force behind providing updated education, resources, and support to dozens of neighborhoods and community-based organizations.

Who are we?

MobileVAX is community of caregivers engaged in creating an agile healthcare system. With a mission to provide equal access to healthcare for all, we work in collaboration with communities across Chicagoland and Illinois, with a special focus on helping minority groups. We bring in the right blend of technology that enables us to automate and optimally manage the entire vaccination and urgent care process. At the heart of MobileVAX is our resolve to provide the most advanced healthcare for every patient and improve clinical outcomes.

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Given the ease with which our employees were able to take part, if we face similar vaccination or inoculation needs in the future, MobileVAX remains my first choice for providing this level of flexible medical expertise.

Thomas Henkey
Director of Emergency Management
Titan Security Group



Individuals Vaccinated
Clinical Care Providers


Sites Administered

Improving access to quality healthcare

MobileVAX continuously works towards improving the critical medical issues that affect the population as well as increasing their access to care.

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Sustainable Healthcare

At MobileVAX, we understand the increasing demand for smart waste disposal and are conscientiously committed to creating an environmentally friendly ecosystem for handling and disposing of waste responsibly. In the business of healthcare and vaccination, smart waste disposal not only provides a cleaner and greener vaccination process but also eliminates any risk of contamination.

Our mobile testing units contain a sophisticated waste disposal system that sterilizes the medical waste and grinds it into confetti-like particles which can then be disposed of with regular trash, reducing toxic air pollution and carbon emissions. We strictly comply with local/state laws, CDC guidelines, and vaccine manufacturer's guidelines for vaccine waste disposal.


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